Who are the recks?

Who are The Recks (and why should you care)?

The Recks are an alternative five piece band hailing from the tiny Isle of Sark, whose genre-bending repertoire includes gypsy jazz, folk, reggae, indie, hip-hop and rock.

Formed in 2012 from a motley collection of misfits on an Island 3 miles x 1.5 miles long, the band set out to write contemporary multi-genre music with a roots-based foundation and quickly amassed a full set of lively, infectious songs that began to set crowds alight at packed out Festival tents across the UK and France.

Having had an explosive 2018, the band has packed out festivals and venues, playing the BBC Introducing stage at Latitude festival (UK), Sunshine (Jersey) and many more in between.

Releasing their long awaited album, The Beast From The Sea in March 2018 they have been riding a wave of success and leaving a horde of happy fans bobbing in their wake.

2019 will soon be flooding your ears with The Recks infectious sound as they venture to numerous festivals and venues throughout the UK and Europe.

Book them, watch them, follow them, discover them, just don’t touch them.

“This band is great, and i’m not even on drugs” - Anon

Tom Girard - BBC Introducing

"The Recks combine the energy of The Stooges and Gogol Bordello with their own take on everything from folk and jazz to reggae and indie to create a uniquely psychedelic sound with enough stage presence thrown in regularly draw crowds of hundreds.

Each member of the band brings something different that defies all expectations in creating something that has seen them become one of the Channel Islands top musical attractions".


MTV News 

"Sunday saw acclaimed young folkies Jake Bugg and Alex Clare bring out the sun on the main stage, while Sark's local heroes The Recks packed out the Sobe Stage".

Drowned In Sound 

"One hit wonder Alex Clare is up next. He plays the hit. We leave. Sark based ensemble The Recks fare much better, drawing one of the largest crowds of the weekend to the homely SoBe Stage. Musically there's elements of The Men They Couldn't Hang's polemic folk with a touch of Syd Barrett's eccentricity. Someone mentions Mumford & Sons. We politely ask them to wash their ears (and mouths) out. All hail the new kings of schizophrenic folk, if such a genre exists".

Q Magazine

"Having Noel Gallagher in such a small, intimate arena such as Jersey Live's will be something special, and I'm also personally delighted to see David Holmes and to have discovered The Recks, a really great new band from the tiny Island of Sark - population 500"!

The Band

Richey - The Recks.jpg

richey - guitar, vocals

Ash - The Recks.jpg

Ash - Brass, Melodica, Vocals

Greg - The Recks.jpg

Gregory - guitar, banjo, vocals

Nathan - The Recks.jpg

Nathan - Bass

Moxie - The Recks.jpg

Moxie - Drums